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What types of payments do you accept?

Our shopping cart is set up to accept credit card payments (VISA, MC, DISCOVER, AMEX) via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to make a purchase. If you do have a Paypal account you can also choose to use your Paypal balance or your checking account for payment.

Please note that if payment is made with an e-check your order will not be processed until the payment clears. This typically happens within 3-5 business days.


Do you ship worldwide?

Currently shipping in only available to the 50 US States and Canada.


Do you have a storefront or studio location that customers can visit?

A physical location is in the works! Stay tuned for details!! For now everything is only available online but, in the near future there should be a physical storefront that you will be able to visit to see paintings in person and even watch the art in progress!



What is the printing process for photographic art prints?

All of our designs are professionally printed on Kodak's Professional Endura Paper which has an archival life of over 100 years when displayed out of direct sunlight.


What is a styrene mounted photographic print?

Styrene is a rigid, plastic mounting board that is approximately 2mm thick. It is recommended for photo prints with a single dimension of 20" or more to provide durability.


What is the printing process for gallery wrapped canvas art prints?

Each gallery wrapped canvas print is printed on canvas that is a bright white cotton/poly blend with an acid free, pH-neutral coating. It has a medium weave with a gloss finish.

Canvas prints and finished with black paper backing. They also come standard with sawtooth hangers for hanging and clear rubber wall bumpers to protect walls from scratching and provide stability.


Once I place my order how will I receive my product?

Our orders are printed on demand. Once your order enters our system it is reviewed, prepped, and sent to our lab for processing. Our lab's standard service time for photographic prints is approximately 1-2 business days and for gallery wrapped canvas prints is approximately 2-3 business days. Orders are then shipped from our lab to our office for sorting and individual packaging. We ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail which is typically 1-3 days from shipping date.



What types of custom graphic design do you offer?

Anything from a custom logo and branding to a custom photo album to commemorate any special occasion or milestone. Custom holiday greeting cards, event invitations, and thank you cards are also available. If you have a custom design project in mind I'd love to chat with you about your ideas! Please use the contact form to get in touch!

Samples of previous projects are available upon request.



What is the painting process?

All paintings are 100% original, one of a kind works of art. They are created using top quality acrylic paints, mixing mediums and finishing sprays to ensure they last for years to come.

Each painting is hand poured using a variety of paint pouring styles and bold combinations of colors. They cure for at least 48 hours before they are finished with a protective clear coat.


How are paintings finished?

Each painting is coated with a triple thick clear coat once the paint has dried and cured. The canvas is then backed with black paper just as our gallery wrapped art prints are finished. They come with a sawtooth hanger for hanging which can easily be moved to re-orient the painting to any direction.

Each painting is then signed and dated by the artist.


Do you accept custom orders?

Fluid acrylic painting is a very abstract and organic process. While custom orders can be accepted you are limited to requesting canvas size and color palette only. The outcome, or look of the painting, can not be guaranteed except to say that it will match the quality currently showcased in the online shop. Please contact the studio via the contact form to discuss your project in detail.


A note regarding small blemishes in paintings:

Each painting is a work of art. While everything is done to minimize blemishes while the painting dries and cures, sometimes cracks, slight crazing, or other blemishes are inevitable. Each small blemish adds character to the artwork. Once the painting is sealed with the clear coat and fully cured any cracks or other small blemishes will not enlarge or increase.



What is custom memorial art?

Custom memorial art is the creation of a one-of-a-kind piece of art that infuses the cremains of your loved one into the paint used in your piece. You choose the size and colors to be used. Cremains can be infused into some or all of the paint used in the piece.


What types of cremains can be used?

Cremains from a human loved one or an animal loved one can be used in custom memorial art pieces. You can also choose to have cremains from more than one loved one in a single custom memorial art piece.


How do the cremains get to the studio?

If you are local (Cleveland, OH) pick-up or drop-off can be arranged. Otherwise, cremains can be mailed to the studio via USPS. The studio will supply you with the proper shipping materials as there are strict guidelines that need to be followed when shipping cremains. Cremains can ONLY be shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express. Courier services such as UPS and FedEx do not allow for this. Additionally, due to the restrictions custom memorial art pieces can only be offered to those living in the continental US.


How much of the cremains will be needed?

Only a small amount is needed - even for the largest of paintings. The studio will ship you detailed information for collecting and sending the proper amount of cremains depending upon the size canvas you request for your piece.


If there are leftover cremains what happens to them?

All of the cremains sent to the studio will be used in your memorial art piece. This alleviates the need to return any portion or scatter them in nature.


What is the turn around time on a memorial art piece?

Typical turn around time for any custom painting is 2-3 weeks. This includes creation time, drying/curing time for the paint, and drying/curing time for the clear coat protective sealant. You will be advised of the current turn around time frame at the time you place your custom order and again when the studio receives the cremains for your project.


Can more than one piece be made if multiple family members want one?

Of course! You can order any selection of sizes and wrap depths depending on what each family member would like for their memorial piece. All pieces will be created at the same time, using the same paints and the same collection of cremains that are sent to the studio. Pieces will all be similar but slightly different as showcased in the samples of previous memorial projects that have been created.