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  • $30.00

    One-of-a-Kind canvas painting. White background with lavender, purple, cream, metallic gold. Painted on a canvas panel and framed in a white ornate frame. Frame can…

  • $5.00

    One-of-a-Kind canvas painting. Colors: Red Metallic Red Orange Yellow Metallic Gold Black White Size: 4″ x 4″ Wrap: 3/4″

  • $10.00

    One-of-a-Kind canvas painting set. Acrylic dipped 4×4 canvas set. Turquoise background with light pink, cream, white and a hint of metallic copper. Colors: Turquoise Light…

  • $15.00

    One-of-a-Kind canvas painting. Dipped in metallic copper, metallic gold, metallic champagne gold, cherry red, golden yellow, turquoise, metallic bronze, black and white. Colors: Metallic Copper…

  • $15.00

    One-of-a-Kind canvas painting. White background with plum purple, orange, and peach. Colors: Plum Purple Orange Peach White Size: 5″ x 7″ Wrap: 3/4″