Metal Print Memo Board Templates

12x12 Scalloped Edge Metal Print/Memo Board

Some of you may remember when I posted my memo board/metal print idea on the Sassy Fan Page a few weeks back. I designed it as an Artistic Edge Metal Print from Full Color Lab. They offer three different edge styles in a variety of sizes – and metal prints make PERFECT dry erase memo boards. :)

So now that I have my original design hanging up in our kitchen I thought it would be neat to make one for each of the kids’ rooms so we could leave them notes to wake up to every morning. I chose different shapes for each one and customized them with digital papers (which you can find in the Sassy Shop). Each board has the same starting sentiment of “I love you because…”


"I love you" boards

The rounded edge memo board is for Patrick’s room and uses a digital paper from the Felicity Digital Paper Pack. The ornate edge memo board is for Corinne’s room and uses a digital paper from the Fancy Digital Paper Pack.

I thought I would share my templates here with all of you so that you can create your own! Click here to download the above templates as shown. They are fully layered PSD files so the backgrounds can be changed out. The wording has been rasterized but, it can be re-colored or removed and replaced with something of your own.

Happy April!

As most of you know from following the fan page – or my personal Facebook page – we are gearing up for our big move into our new home in just 3 weeks! I’ve been crazy busy packing, cleaning, handling the details, and trying to work in between! We’re also getting ready for the arrival of Baby Corinne which is a lot closer than we think – just about 90 days to go! Where has the time gone?!

A little while ago I posted the change of address cards I designed for us on the Sassy Fan Page.

Many of you showed interest in the design template so I’ve simplified it a bit, removed my personal info, and put it together as a freebie download for all of you! The download includes both the front and back PSD files for the 4×5.5 flat press card and the 2×3 PSD file for the sticker/label. The background patterns I used are included but, they can be swapped out to anything else that you like! The key sketch is also included, on its own layer, and is an original sketch by my tattoo artist husband. I’ve been hanging onto it for YEARS just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it!

You can click here to download the zip file. ENJOY IT!! And a big THANK YOU to all of you for being such awesome fans and friends!!

Spice Up Your iPhone with Sassy Wallpaper!

I don’t know about you but, I like to change my wallpaper on my iPhone almost as much as I like to change the color and style of my hair. HAHA!

So, with Valentine’s Day coming up I decided my iPhone needed to be festive. Time to swap out the “Be Original” background with something more fun! :) So, I created this:

Festive iPhone Wallpaper for Heart Day!

Festive iPhone Wallpaper for Heart Day!


Want it for own iPhone? Just right-click on this imageĀ  and choose “save as” to download it:

iPhone Wallpaper

iPhone Wallpaper


Happy Heart Day! :)