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In July 2018 I took a much needed break from this business after a few tumultuous years. Almost 2 years later, in the summer of 2020, I jumped back in feet first! I am working on new projects and using new mediums and really just being creative. I won’t be focusing on digital design templates and items as I was – I’m working on tangible goods. Things that you can decorate your home with and items to help create and archive memories.

As I’ve gotten older I have realized that memories – both making new ones and remembering the old ones – along with having a cozy peaceful space full of things that bring comfort or make you laugh are two things that really matter. Everyone deserves a peaceful retreat from this world that can at times be so wicked. I have become mindful in the items I hang on my walls and decorate my family’s space with. I have always been a lover of photography as it is the one medium that lets you instantly capture a single moment in time and freeze it for eternity. Having lost people I love, and having children that are growing way too fast, I have realized just how precious those memories are.

I am very excited for this new journey in my 18-year-long journey as a graphic designer and creative entrepreneur. I hope you will come along with me! Stay tuned!!



Last Update: 04/13/2021