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The Sassy Snaps Story



It was definitely a team effort for Sassy Snaps to be born! I met Tiffany, of Tiffany Green Photography and Designs, back in the days when I was designing digital items for photographers and digital scrapbookers. She was also one of the first clients to purchase a backdrop when I turned my digital patterns into professionally printed photography backdrops. We have now known each other for over 10 years and what started as a great business relationship ended up turning into a great friendship. Tiffany is a creative soul just like me. Over the years she has sent me some beautiful hand-beaded jewelry and some quilted items that she made. She is multi-talented and I certainly appreciate a fellow creator and artisan.


In 2017 Tiffany approached me about licensing some of my digital designs to create snap buttons. At the time I didn't even know what a snap button or snap button jewelry was, but I agreed. She spent some time perfecting her process and in 2018 sent me some of the first snap buttons she made using my patterns. They were beautiful! I was so busy with so many other things that I just set them in my jewelry box and would admire them from time to time. Fast forward a few years and recently, in May 2021, she sent me some of the newest collections of  snap buttons that she handmade from my patterns and I completely fell in love with them! There were so many designs and I LOVED seeing them all together and seeing how they could all mix and match. We spent 4 hours on the phone the next day, sent hundreds of texts and emails, and the rest is history in the making! Together we have taken pretty digital paper patterns and turned them into some pretty amazing, sparkling, colorful pieces that can coordinate with ALL of your outfits! There is literally a Sassy Snap to match anything in your closet, any mood, any style - and they mix and match so well that there are endless combinations to choose from!


Tiffany has quite a large assortment of snap button jewelry pieces and other snap buttons that mix really well with our Sassy Snaps. We each carry a diverse selection of Sassy Snaps patterns, so be sure to check out her online boutique, too! You will find an array of Disney inspired Sassy Snaps at Tiffany Green Photography & Designs originating from Disney Princess and Disney Character themed digital patterned paper collections I've designed over the years.